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    USB Instant Charger (triple capacity)

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    Charge your Cell Phone 3x Before Reloading!
    Amazing 1150 mAh capacitiy provides up to 35 hours runtime for USB devices.*

    Only 3/8" thick and smaller than a credit card, the Instant Charger is a compact reusable USB battery stick that holds enough juice to power and recharge your cell phone, digital camera, or PDA for up to an additional 35 hours of run time. Thats enough juice to recharge your cell phone as many as 3 times.

    Fast USB ChargerGoing away for the weekend? Taking a business trip, family outing, camping trip, or have a busy week ahead of you: leave your cell phone charger behind. Plug the fast charging USB Instant Charger into your computer USB port or any USB adapter for auto or home oulet until the red charging light turns green. Click the switch on the USB Instant Charger for long term storage of the charge and toss it in your brief case, purse, glove compartment or even the front pocket of your jeans. When your USB powered cell phone, camera, iPod or other device is running low on power just plug it into the Instant Charger and turn off the long term storage switch. Your phone or other USB device will immediately be operational and begin charging itself without any eletrical outlet needed! Use it again as needd, to get up to 35 hours of additional run time out of your USB devices

    Duracell Instant ChargerWafer thin and smaller than a credit card, the USB Instant Charger fits easily into your front pocket or smallest purse. Keep a charged unit in storage mode in your glove compartment, purse or backpack so on those days when you don't have time to slow down, you won't run out of juice.

    Each instant charger has two USB ports. At one end is a mini-USB port for power in, on the other is a standard USB port for power out. The included USB to USB mini cable can therefore be used to load power into your instant charger from any standard USB port--it can also be used to download power from the instant charger to your Motorola phone, bluetooth headset, Blackberry, digital camera or any device which has a standard mini USB power jack. Devices with custom power jacks like iPods and iPhones can also be powered, just plug the iPod to USB cable you use now right into the standard USB port on the USB Instant Charger.

    Part of your emergency preparedness kit. Instant Charger should be right next to your first aid kit, USB rechargeable radio, and USB rechargeable flashight so even if a black out catches you with low power on your cell phone you have an additional three charges for that phone, radio, or flashlight to get you through the longest emergency. Rugged, durable, and backed by a 3 year warranty from Duracell.

    This product includes: the USB Instant Charger, a USB to USB mini cable that can be used replenish the charger or download a charge into personal electronic devices equiped with a mini USB port, and an instruction book.

    • Amazing 1150 mAh capacity let's you recharge your cell phone three times without needing to replenish the instant charger!
    • Can provide power to any USB powered device: iPod/iPhone, Games, Cameras, GPS, Cell Phones, Smart Phones and more!
    • Reload the instant charger by the included cable from any standard USB port.
    Average Additional Run Time:*
    • iPod: adds 35 hours
    • Cell Phone: adds 295 minutes talk time, 350 hours standby
    • iPhone / Smartphone: adds 250 minutes talk time, 230 hours standby
    • Handheld Game: adds 8 hours playtime
    • PDA: adds 4 hours
    • Standard USB Port (to load charge into your digital device)
    • Mini USB Port (to reload your Instant Charger)
    • On/Off Switch (to prevent accidental discharge)
    • Amazing 1150 mAh (5 volt) Capacity
    • Lithium Ion Battery Chemistry
    • Weight: 4.2 oz
    • Size: 3/8" x 1 1/2" x 3 1/2"
    • Three Year Duracell Warranty
    * Run times may vary depending upon specific device and how it is used.

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