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    MacBolt Combo Security Lock

    Price:  $27.99

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    Built for MacBook, iBook & PowerBook!
    Essential for college students and travelers.

    Designed for Apple notebook computers, the MacBolt laptop lock is an effective and smartly built security solution for securing your MacBook Pro, MacBook, PowerBook or iBook.

    MacBook & PowerBook Security

    Strong and reliable. The MacBolt lock combines a 6-foot air-craft steel cable with a strong steel combination lock for a compact and reliable all-in-one security solution.

    Quality construction, innovative design. The MacBolt steel cable is covered with a rubberized coating and connects with fully rotatable ball joint. The coating creates an attractive, professional finish that protects expensive tables and your own computer equipment from accidental scratches. It makes the MacBolt attractive and appropriate for any office environment. The unique ball joint allows for easy installation and eliminates worry about twisted or tangled cables.

    MacBook & PowerBook Security

    Compact and portable. The MacBolt lock is perfect for use at school, the office, or when traveling. The MacBolt lock easily folds up into a compact 3"x3" square and comes with a zippered travel sack. Keep a MacBolt lock in your suitcase or carryon so the cable is always at hand when you travel. Whether you're on the road, at a conference, or visiting a new office you'll have a handy and simple way to secure the laptop you rely on.

    Easy to use. Simply loop the MacBolt cable around a table leg and insert the steel lock into the security slot found on almost every laptop (Macintosh or PC). Attaches in seconds and provides the reliable peace of mind that allows you to focus on your work. The programmable lock can be set to one of 10,000 combinations, choose your own 4-digit code.

    Our part number MW-00-115. Designed for the MacBook Pro, MacBook, PowerBook, and iBook computers; also compatible with any PC laptop or LCD display with a security slot.

    • 4-Wheel keyless combination lock.
    • All-in-one design.
    • 6-Foot air-craft grade steel cable.
    • Rubberized protective coating.
    • Unique ball joint hinge.
    MacBook & PowerBook Security
    • Works with any laptop or display that has a security slot.

    • Choose your own 4-digit code from 10,000 possible combinations.
    • Compatible with all Apple Notebook computers.
    • Ruberized coating on steel cable, protects furniture and equipment.
    • Click and lock installation, installs in seconds.
    • Folds up to a compact 3"x3" square, perfect for your travel kit.
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