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    DVI to VGA Adapter

    Price:  $12.99

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    Plugs into your PowerBook or MacBook DVI video port to allow you to use a standard VGA monitor. MacBook Pro and large screen Aluminum PowerBooks (15", and 17") and the last generations of Titanium PowerBook feature DVI video. Note: althought the 12" Aluminum PowerBook offers DVI video out it uses a special mini-DVI jack and is not compatible with this product.

    Small and compact it attaches easily to a VGA cable, leave one on your monitor cable at work and another on your VGA monitor cable at home. Provides a VGA (DB-15) video port for any computer using DVI video out, including G4 and G5 Power Macintosh. Shipping now! Our part number MW-00-251.

    Not sure if you're getting the right adapter?
    Try our easy-to-use video adapter guide to be sure you're getting the right part:
    Click here to open the Mac Video Guide.

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