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    Mini-DVI to DVI Adapter

    Price:  $12.99

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    Allows you to connect a DVI display to your Macintosh computer via a Mini-DVI port. Mini-DVI ports are found on many models of MacBook, MacBook Pro and iMac.

    The mini-DVI connector was used in select Apple portable computers between 2003 and 2008, where the computer required a smaller video out port than standard DVI. It is found on the 12-inch PowerBook G4, Intel-based iMac, the MacBook Intel-based laptop, the Intel-based Xserve, and the 2009 Mac mini.

    Not sure if you're getting the right adapter?
    Try our easy-to-use video adapter guide to be sure you're getting the right part:
    Click here to open the Mac Video Guide.

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