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    Expand your wireless network with MacRepeater

    MacRepeater allows two fast and easy ways to expand your home or office network with new or larger wireless zones. Plug MacRepeater into a wall outlet within your current wireless networks range and it will pickup and rebroadcast your wireless signal creating a larger wireless network.

    Mac WiFi Repeater

    MacRepeater can also be installed outside your current wireless network by running a cable to it, allowing you to create new wireless zones. Multiple access points can be added by connecting more than one MacRepeater to your router, to provide complete wireless access throughout large homes or offices. MacRepeater can be used to organize traffic and reduce bottlenecks that can result from multiple users or high traffic video devices using the same wireless access point.

    Operating at the signal level, MacRepeater is compatible with almost any device within your home that uses WiFi. MacRepeater can expand your indoor network to allow Macintosh, PC, iPad, TiVo, or almost any wireless device to reach your wireless source. MacRepeater is designed to boost only signals from within your home. MacRepeater supports the latest (2.0) 802.11n WiFi standard as well as older standards like 802.11g (54 Mbit/s) and 802.11b (11 Mbit/s) which means it can work with older or newer wireless routers from most manufacturers and can even be used to add wireless to older routers that do not have built in wireless.

    Mac WiFi Repeater

    Installation is fast and simple. Use the included RJ-45 cable to connect your MacRepeater to a Macintosh or PC computer and type the address listed on the repeater into a web browser. A web page opens and can be used to run the setup wizard built into the MacRepeater by answering a few simple choices. This interface also provides users with detailed control of the device for more advanced configuration options. Because MacRepeater uses a web interface rather than PC software to change settings there is no software to worry about losing and any computer with an Ethernet port can be used to change settings.

    Advanced users will find MacRepeater fully configurable. Users can simply duplicate the security already on their wireless network or customize new zones. New zones can be customized by name (SSID) and protected by password or RADIUS. MacRepeater supports a variety of encryption techniques to prevent monitoring, including 64/128 bit WEP, WPA, WPA2 (AES and TKIP). Signal clarity can be reduced by stone, plumbing or other barriers within your home and MacRepeater is not designed to penetrate external walls.

    MacRepeater is international. MacRepeater ships with a U.S. plug but is compatible with 110-240 volt outlets. The U.S. two pin plug can be rotated 90 degrees making it easy to install vertically or horizontally, allowing you to optimize access to outlets and the orientation of the built in antennas.

    • One click installation!
    • Mode 1: Repeats existing wireless zones.
    • Mode 2: Add new wireless Access Points.
    • Web interface for easy configuration.
    • Protocols Supported: 802.11 b/g/n
      (does not support 802.11a)
    • Speed: up to 150 mpbs
    • 110-240 volts
    System Requirements:
    • Any device using 802.11b, 11g, or 11n

    • Any device using 802.11b, 11g, or 11n

    • Any device using 802.11b, 11g, or 11n

    • TiVo
    • Any device using 802.11b, 11g, or 11n

    • Any device using 802.11b, 11g, or 11n
    Package Includes:
    • MacRepeater
    • Installation Guide
    • Ethernet (RJ-45) Cable

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