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    iPodWizards iPhone/iPod (USB) Charger

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    The Original USB Cube

    Recharge your iPod (or any USB powered device) from a wall socket! Simply plug iPodWizards USB Cube AC Adapter into a wall socket then attach the USB to iPod cable that came with your iPod. The USB Cube will supply the same power output that your computer's USB port offers allowing you to charge and use your iPod or iPhone when you are away from your computer.

    iPhone Charger Using the same interchangeable pin adapters as the Apple AC Adapter, the USB Cube can make use of optional international pin adapters or make use of the extension cord provided with Apple laptop AC Adapters. Voltage sensing, the USB Cube works off of 110 or 220 volt outlets found in any country.

    Incredibly compact, the USB Cube measures only 1 3/4" square and one inch thick. Fold out pins allow you to collapse the Cube into a pocketsize square that takes up less space than your car keys.

    The perfect travel companion. Keep one in your overnight bag or shaving kit so you can always charge your iPod when you travel. Install another one in the outlet near your night stand, then each night when you set your iPhone or iPod down just connect it up to charge over night!

    • Provides Power via a Standard USB Socket
    • Compatible with Apple International Plug Adapters & Extension Cords
    • Outputs the same power as your computer USB port
    • Incredibly Compact with Fold out Pins
    • 110-220 volt input (includes U.S. plug only)
    • 1 3/4" x 1 3/4" x 1"
    • 1 year warranty


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