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    Battery: for White iBook (14")

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    Extended Capacity 66 Watt Hour Battery for iBook 14"

    MacWizards has teamed up with one of the most experienced battery producers in the world to provide a reliable and inexpensive upgrade or second battery for your Macintosh computer. This battery is a Li-Ion 14.8 volt 4600 amp hour battery designed for the white iBook (G3 or G4) with a 14" display (measured diagonally). The extended capacity is 66 watt hours. Note: this is not the right battery for a 12" white iBook or any of the clamshell iBooks that were produced in green, blue, grey, orange, and other colors.

    With a 15% greater capacity than the original Apple battery, this battery was designed specifically for the white iBook 14". This battery meets or exceeds all Apple specs, with a fit and finish that compliments your laptop. Featuring integrated charge level display LEDs and integrated circuitry to report battery level to the MacOS (allowing you to observe battery level from your computer desktop).

    Macintosh laptop computer batteries have a lifetime of roughly 500 to 800 recharges. If you use your computer daily, that means you can expect the battery to last about 15 months to two years (although it will experience reduced lifetime before then and you may choose to replace it annually). When your battery starts to go, the usable capacity of the battery will reduce slowly at first and more rapidly as the battery nears life end.

    Per Apple's recommendation, it's a good idea to fully drain and recharge your battery at least once a month (more often is better) for optimal battery life. This also recalibrates your battery to insure that the time per charge estimate provided by the MacOS continues to be reliable.

    • Apple 14" white iBook G3 or G4. Note: this is not the right battery for a 12" white iBook or any of the clamshell iBooks that were produced in green, blue, grey, orange, and other colors.

    Macintosh Batteries

    • Li Ion Chemistry
    • 14.8 volts
    • 4600 mAmpHr
    • 66 Watt Hour
    • Dimensions: 5.50 x 3.90 x 0.78
    • Weight: 1.10 lbs
    • Warranty: 6 month limited warranty
    • Description: Rectangular battery with six slit-type contacts on end.
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